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Bike Two Wheeler Insurance USA For numerous people in the United States, a two-wheeler is an important form of transportation. But to use it on road, taking a two-wheeler insurance policy, especially third-party content is obligatory Table of Contents Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance Coverage Coverage Claim Process

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Bike Two Wheeler insurance USA


For numerous people in the United States, a two-wheeler is an important mode of transportation. But to use it on road, taking a two-wheeler insurance policy, especially third-party content is obligatory


 Table of Contents


  • Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance Coverage
  • content
  • Claims process
  • rejection
  • Renewal process
  • important aspect
  • FAQs


What’s Bike two-wheeler insurance?


An accident or theft of a Bike two-wheeler  Insurance can beget fiscal stress due to repairs, hospitalization, treatment, or the need for a new vehicle. therefore, a two-wheeler insurance policy provides fiscal content to the policyholder in times of need similar to accidents, theft, or repairs.


Types of  Bike Two-Wheeler Insurance Coverage


There are principally 2 types of two-wheeler insurance content available in the US request. These are

Third-party insurance This type of insurance is also called liability insurance and is obligatory for every two-wheeler proprietor. It covers the policyholder against legal liability arising out of fleshly injury death or property damage to a third party( accidental) involving the insured vehicle.


Comprehensive Insurance This type of insurance is also called a package policy. It covers third-party liability as well as damage to the insured vehicle and death/ disability of the proprietor/ motorist due to accidents.


What does Bike two-wheeler insurance cover?


A Bike two-wheeler insurance plan will come to your fiscal aid in some of the following cases


  • Accidental damage to the vehicle
  • particular accident content for proprietor-motorists
  • Damage due to natural disasters
  • Damage caused by man-made disasters
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Loss or theft of two wheeler
  • Add- on Cover( Rider)


All vehicle insurance plans come with add-on covers in addition to the standard benefits handed Extra benefits are offered for redundant payment that you must buy with your two-wheeler insurance

particular Accident Cover By copping

This cover, you get ensured against accidental death or endless disability. therefore, if the insured dies in an accident, the insurance company pays the family a yearly income.


Zero deprecation Cover This is the most important add-on cover that you must buy while finishing your bike insurance. With this add-on cover, your vehicle gets its original value without cheapening if lost or damaged.


 Eligibility Criteria


To get two-wheeler insurance, a person must be


  •  18 times or aged
  •  A citizen of the United States
  •  Must have a driving license
  •  Must have vehicle enrollment instrument


 How to Apply for Two-Wheeler Insurance


A person eligible to drive a two-wheeler in the US can apply for a two-wheeler insurance policy, handed the person has a valid driving license. One can apply for vehicle insurance in the USA online or offline and below are the ways to do it




  • Find out your conditions, whether you want only third-party content or a comprehensive one
  •  Compare insurance providers according to to claim expenditure rate
  • Use the online mode to compare the content, rejections, and other benefits offered under colorful two-wheeler insurance plans. Also, compare the decoration quantum
  •  You can use an online aggregator to get quotations from different insurance providers
  •  After finishing the plan, visit the sanctioned website of the insurance company
  •  give your particular details along with two-wheeler details
  •  Include applicable rider or add-on benefits
  •  Click the Buy button
  •  Make payment online




  • To buy an insurance policy offline, find an insurance agent or the insurance company you want to go for
  • Fill out the applicable forms grounded on your conditions
  • Still, you can avoid the redundant freights charged by agents, If you communicate with the insurance company directly. Some banks and third-party dealers can also help you complete the operation process
  • Your operation process will be complete after submitting the needed documents and making the payment


Claims process


Inform the insurance provider incontinently in case of any untoward incident like an accident or theft


  •  Still, file an FIR and give a dupe to the company, If the two- wheeler is involved in an accident or stolen.
  •  also, you can apply for enrollment of claim by producing affiliated documents like claim form, a dupe of vehicle enrollment ( RC)etc.
  •  One can also get a cashless claim if the vehicle is repaired at the insurer’s network garage
  •  Payment will be made after damage assessment and form costs
  •  still, they’ve to pay themselves, If the policy holders take the two- wheeler to anon-network garage.
  •  Payment is made after submitting the payment bill and testimonial to the insurance company


Documents needed to reuse the claim


Inform the insurance company as soon as possible if the two- wheeler is stolen or if the accident results in injury to the proprietor- rider, damage to the vehicle or third party liability. Also, submit the following needed documents


  • Fill the claim form properly
  • Copy of insurance policy document
  • Copy of driving license of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • FIR( Theft, Third Party Liability)
  • Set of keys, service folder and leave card( theft)
  • form bills and bills


Time is taken for the claim agreement


An insurance company may take around 10- 30 days to settle the claim. Motor insurance companies have two options for settling claims.

One is the cashless option where the company pays for repairs done at a network garage and the other is the reprisal where the insured gets his auto repaired at a garage that isn’t covered by the insurance company’s network.




Below are some of the reasons that can lead to the rejection of a two-wheeler insurance claim. These are also called rejections.


  • Regular wear and tear and gash
  • Driving under the influence of medicines or alcohol
  • Driving without a license
  • Underage driving
  • Use of marketable vehicles for particular purposes or vice versa
  • offered crash
  • Expired policy
  • Electrical/ mechanical breakdown
  • Transcending geographic boundaries
  • Loss or damage caused by war
  • Consequential damage


 Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in the USA


Some of the insurance companies furnishing two-wheeler ins: in the USA are as follows


  • Bajaj Allianz
  • Universal Sompo
  • ICICI Lombard
  • National Insurance
  • Bharti AXA


Renewal process


A two-wheeler insurance policy needs to be renewed every 1 time, 3 times, or 5 times, as the case may be. Two-wheeler insurance renewal takes only many simple ways, similar as


  • Check if your insurance provider offers an online renewal option
  • Visit their sanctioned website( desktop or mobile)
  • Log in using the credentials handed to you while copping
  • the policy
  • Enter the policy number and other details as asked
  • Click to get a quotation for renewal decoration
  • Pay for the decoration using any mode handed by the insurer
  • Your policy will be renewed until the coming due date


Important points for renewal


To renew your two-wheeler insurance policy, you need to keep a track of the due date as renewal needs to be done before the due date.

Still,, If the renewal is delayed indeed by one day. e. one day after the due date, your bike/ scooter will need to be audited by the insurer.

For a package policy, if the renewal is delayed for further than 90 days, the accrued benefit of the No Claim perk( NCB) will be canceled.


important aspect


Always make sure to compare bike insurance plans online so that you can get the stylish Ins: plan that suits your requirements


Every auto insurance company authorizations a certain quantum for you to cover the charges caused by the accident. This obligatory quantum is known as obligatory deductible(

Rs 500). still, the decoration you pay for your motorbike insurance will go down, If you choose to pay further as a voluntary deductible.

Always follow all safety measures while driving and conclude for impunity from accumulated No Claim perk( NCB) on your coming renewal

Fanti-theft bias on your two-wheeler as it’ll lower decorations

Aged two-wheelers get a lower IDV( Insured Declared Value) due to loss of value over time. Hence, the decoration for old buses is lower than for new buses

Still, you can also mileage reduction on decoration If you’re an IRDA-registered Automobile Association of USA( AAI) member.

Also understand that your decoration depends on colorful factors similar to the type of auto, your life, and your once-driving history


 Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance


With new insurance providers arising the request every time, the benefits and advantages of two-wheeler ins are evolving with time. Below are some of the benefits of buying bike ins:.


  •  One can get particular accident cover up to Rs 1 lakh
  •  Bike insurance protects you from legal liability for any damage caused by your vehicle to third parties
  •  By copping
  •  two- wheeler insurance, you can get protection against unanticipated natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, etc.
  •  Add- ons similar as vehicle deprecation add to the benefits of buying two- wheeler insurance
  •  Motorcycle insurance can be fluently bought or renewed online without important hassle
  •  still, insurers offer No Claim perk( NCB) for easy transfer, If you haven’t claimed for insurance before and are buying a new auto.
  •  One can get cashless garage service if you buy two- wheeler insurance
  •  You can keep track of your bike insurance policy online by logging into your insurance provider’s website
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